Farm Shop    

The Farm Shop, was established in 2006 and was a big part of the farm. Set up in the old Cowshouse, where Bridgette as a young girl used to milk the Guernsey cows twice a day with her late father Bill.  You can even see the “studdles” where the cows were tied up to be milked.





One of the beef boxer ready to pack


Our pedigree Cattle


Bridgettes home made chutneys

The beef we sell is from our own Red Ruby cattle born and raised on the farm. We ensure that it is hung for 3 weeks to help develop the rich flavour that we have got such a good name for.  The beef is then butchered on the premises and sold in Beef Packs and sent by courier to customers all over the country.  Orders are on the doorstep of our customers in less than 24 hours of leaving our Shop. 

Traceability is our watch word, we can give you the identification number and in some cases the name of the beef you will be eating and how well the beast has been reared and who its mother and father were – it may be too much information for some but vital for most customers who want to know where our beef comes from.  Higher Trenowin is part of the Farm Assured Red Tractor scheme and Bridgette is a member of Ladies In Beef who champion all that is great about British Beef.

 We also sell local honey in the farm shop


 The best of British beef



 We also sell our honey in the farm shop


The best of British beef


Taste of the West Bronze Award 2008

    Being members of Taste of the West we entered the Farm Shop/Retail Outlet part of their annual competition run throughout the South West and in 2008 we were awarded a Bronze and took on board the judges comments. In 2013 we thought it was about time to give it a go again and we are so pleased to be awarded a Gold.
     Taste of the West Gold Award 2013

The farm shop has now closed on a regular basis but we are still selling our home grown Red Ruby Beef in boxes. Occasionally we will have local lamb, pork, home made sausage and Dry Cured Bacon. Our lovely Creedy Carver Chicken and Duck will also be available to order.