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Consistantly At The Top

We were so please to be judged by our Society President-elect, Andrew Lane, to have what he considered the Best Medium Sized herd in this years competiton and therefore Best herd in Cornwall. This is the second year in a row of which we are very proud. Also Andrew judged the two heifers that we have been showing this year as the Best Pair of In-calf Heifers winning the Margaret Elliot cup.
The sheds and stack are looking good and ready for winter and we are feeding a little silage already to help put some fibre in the herds' diet as the Augumn grass is plentiful but not too much feed value.
We made silage in late Spring this year which is very early for us but the weather was right and thankfully it was the right decision as July and most of August was very wet and not good for sialge or hay.
The scanning of the two year old heifers and cows went well with only 2 dissapointments but we have a good strong crop of heifers of which some witll come into the main herd and there will be some to sell.

21 Sep 2023