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Autumn Has Come Quick

We have all enjoyed (some more than others) a lovely August. The cows and calves have done well on the grass that we managed to eek out during the dry spell and we did have to give them some extra over-seasons silage to keep their tummies full and keep the milk coming for the calves.
There was some scant rain in the middle of the month and Steve managed to get 2 1/2 acres of kale into the ground, for our late winter grazing. Germination was slow but now growing well.
As we moved into September so came the very welcome rain which helped the kale as well as the grass although as I type, Steve is putting out some hay as extra fibre in the herds diet.
The yearling steers have done well during the hot weather and have had very good weight gains. We have sold 3 to a local butcher and we will have one available in our beef boxes for the weekend of 24th September.
As the leaves are changing colour and rapidly falling, so our thoughts move to warming dishes rather than salads, so give us a call for one of our beef boxes.

9 Sep 2022

What A Difference

Well, what a difference 6 weeks can make. In my last Blog I was saying how things still need to warm up and boy did they. Like most of the country we saw the highest temperatures ever but our Devons showed little of it, out in the middle of the field during the hotest parts of the day, that is why Devons are so adaptable and can be found in South America, Australia and New Zealand where extreme temperatures are common place.
With all that dry weather we have made the last of our silage and some nice hay too, all stored away for Winter. But the hot weather has taken it's toll on the pasture, drying it out and halting growth so lets hope we do not have to use any of the fodder to suplement the Devons feed.
After a long break, underway is the one-day showing season and the Trenowin Team sallied forth to the lovely Camborne Show where Olivia and this years bull calf Trenowin Fitz William won the Cow & Calf class and 2 year old Myrtle 5th and yearling Myrtle 6th came second in their respective classes. The Champion for the day was Treballywyn Plum 12th. The Devons did well in the inter-breed classes with a team of 5 females taking Reserve in the Harry Cock Trophy and Trenowin Olivia winning the Cranleigh Cup for best Cow with Naturally Born Calf.
Back at Higher Trenowin we will be sorting and packing our beef for Boxes during the last weekend of July so have a look at our Meat By Mail page. Now that the fodder is in and we have taken delivery of our winter straw our work turns to general maintainance and upkeep - no rest for the wicked.

25 Jul 2022

Summer Is Here

The nights are nearly as short as they can get but things have not warmed up too much by day - at least it is dry. Steve has made a nice bit of haylage for our winter store and there is 12 acres more to cut and a field of hay so fingers crossed for some high pressure and warm winds.
The cattle are enjoying the good grass which has grown well this Spring so putting weight on and the cows are producing good amounts of milk so their calves are growing. The new bull, Knowstone Rock Solid 2nd (Rocky to his friends) seems to be doing his job and the ladies like him!!!
We will be having another batch of Red Ruby Beef Boxes available from Sunday 19th June so make some room in your freezers and don't forget to have a look at the "Add Ons" for extra burgers and steaks for those BBQs.

11 Jun 2022

A Busy New Year

2022 has started with some mixed fortunes with the calving but in the main all is well, plenty of healthy little ones skipping round but there are a lot more boy calves than heifers.

There will be fresh Red Ruby Devon beef boxes available from Saturday 16 April with "up country" deliveries going out from Tuesday 19th April. See Meat By Mail or give us a ring.

17 Feb 2022